Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Room 1's trip to Piha

Piha trip

As Rooms 1 and 4 strolled down to the sandy beach our surf life savers explained the beach safety rules to all of us and we started marching around in a big square and then we stopped marching and played octopus. The adults were also in and it was super fun!

Then one of the life guards took of his HUGE backpack and took out 14 rescue tubes and 14 boogie boards. Room 4 did boogie boarding first and Room 1 got taught how to use the rescue tubes, along with a practise with the rescue tubes! 

Then it was our turn to go boogie boarding. The parents formed a big square in the water to show the boundary, the idea was to catch a wave to the sand and after you had your turn your buddy had a turn. After boogie boarding we walked up the surf life saving centre to have lunch.

When the bus arrived we sadly said goodbye and hopped, skipped and jumped on the bus for the ride back to school.

It was a great day at the beach and we learnt alot. What was really important was learning how to read where there are rips in the sea. 

Image result for surf life saving piha images

Image result for surf life saving piha images

Welcome to Room 1!

We have started the year with making the classroom colourful and happy and getting used to everyone else.  Then we started getting jobs like taking the rubbish out and opening the windows. Our classroom is already has some art such as our waka that we have painted brown and drawn Maori swirls and koru's all over it. The students and teacher are sitting in it. We also have a map of the world and a map of NZ on the wall, along with flags hanging over the mat. We have 6 computers at the back along with some collage art waiting to be put up. We are ready for the year. Hope you have a good year Room 1.......